Creating an Environment for Learning
Master the Classroom for Massage Educators

Creating an Environment for Learning

Author(s): Kelly J. Towey, M.Ed.

3CE credits 8 Lessons Text

Review information on key elements for creating an environment for learning. Emphasis is placed on looking at the role communication and classroom management has on learning, as well as ways to manage challenges you may encounter in the classroom. Practical tips and reflective questions are included to help you apply the course content to your own classroom setting.

Participants will be able to:

  • Identify key elements for creating a classroom environment that supports learning.
  • Describe effective techniques or solutions for challenging classroom behaviors.
  • Assess effective communication methods for delivering course content.
  • Explain the importance of setting expectations for class participants
  • Review the importance of effective classroom management skills.
  • Cite effective tactics to address challenging situations in the classroom.

  1. Introduction
  2. Setting the Stage for Learning
  3. Setting Course and Classroom Expectations
  4. Active Learning and Creating a Positive Environment
  5. Student Engagement and Time Management
  6. Keeping Students Engaged
  7. Addressing Challenging Situations
  8. Handouts

Kelly Towey, MEd,  has over 20 years experience working in organized medicine and with national associations.  Her consultant work includes work in the areas of Website content development, communications, project management, health policy and public relations.