Cardiovascular Health and Massage Therapy
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Cardiovascular Health and Massage Therapy

Author(s): Helen Tosch

2.5CE credits 12 Lessons Text

Heart disease accounts for one in four deaths in the U.S. Understanding the warning signs and managing symptoms can aid in prevention. In this course, learn the optimal techniques and proven benefits of massage therapy for clients with cardiovascular disease. Delve into risk factors, medications and symptoms. 

When you finish this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe how clients with cardiovascular disease can benefit from massage therapy.
  • Discuss controllable and uncontrollable risk factors in cardiovascular disease.
  • List common types of medications used by clients with cardiovascular disease.

  1. Cardiovascular Disease and its Risks
  2. Defining Controllable Risk Factors
  3. Who is Most at Risk for Heart Disease?
  4. Medication for Heart Disease
  5. To Ensure Massage Therapy Can Help Clients
  6. Working with Clients who have had Cardiac Surgery
  7. Working with Clients with Hypertension
  8. Working with Heart Failure Patients
  9. Working with Clients with Stress
  10. Integrating Massage into an Overall Wellness Program
  11. Successfully Treating Clients with Cardiovascular Disease
  12. Growing your Clientele

Helen Tosch is an award-winning writer and editor of healthcare and wellness education and has written for various health care organizations, including major hospital systems and universities.