Attracting Business Clients: Part II-Expansion and Recovery
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Attracting Business Clients: Part II-Expansion and Recovery

Author(s): Jean Ives

2CE credits 3 Lessons Text

All businesses go through cycles—attracting clients, retaining them, expanding the business or recovering from a downturn. This course addresses the cycles of expansion and recovery. It looks at how to assess your business and then formulate a plan you can use to address your business building needs—whether for expansion or to recover from a decline in business.

This course shows you how to plan for a recovery or expansion of your business and how to execute that plan. When you finish this course you will be able to:

  • List three business stages for which you may have different goals and objectives but similar strategies and tactics to attract and retain clients;
  • Assess four common strategies for developing your business;
  • Describe five ways to examine your client base before expanding your business or developing a recovery plan;
  • Explain ways to expand and diversify your massage therapy business; 
  • Cite five factors that can affect your business.

  1. Building Your Business by Stages
  2. Attracting Clients to Expand Your Business
  3. Recognizing a Downturn in Business

Jean Ives has written extensively about business development within the massage therapy profession. Her career experience includes six years at Wm. C. Brown Company Publishers (now McGraw-Hill) and 20 years of marketing and public relations experience with AT&T. She has worked closely with the AMTA Council of Schools, is a contributing editor with Massage Therapy Journal, and was one of the principal developers of The Business of Massage textbook. As a grant writer, she was instrumental in assisting the Massage Therapy Foundation in securing its first grant from NCCAM in 2003. She also writes for business and education clients. She can be reached at