Mastering Massage Strategies for Pain Management
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Mastering Massage Strategies for Pain Management

Author(s): Ann and Lynn Teachworth

2.5CE credits 1 Lesson Video

In this video session, discover structural dynamics strategies for addressing common pain issues from head to foot. As we systematically work our way through the body, we will explore massage therapy approaches for hammer toes to headaches, patellofemoral pain syndrome to lateral epicondylitis, and everything in between.

When you finish this course, you will be able to:

  • Assess bunions, hammer toes, ankle mobility, knee issues, the IT band, hip instability, and SI joint pain.
  • Describe hip and lower back pain, thoracic spine mobility and its importance in shoulder and hip function, rotator cuff and neck issues, to carpal tunnel syndrome.

  1. Mastering Massage Strategies for Pain Management

Ann Teachworth has been working in integrative health, human performance, and movement for 15 years. She is an educator for massage therapists and yoga instructors, and focuses on functional anatomy, kinesiology, and mind-body training. 

Lynn Teachworth is certified in over 20 massage and complementary medicine techniques and has been in the profession since 1993. Lynn has also worked with many professional athletes to address injuries and physical/mental performance.