Massage and Skin Conditions
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Massage and Skin Conditions

Author(s): Anne Morien

3CE credits 11 Lessons Text

Massage therapists encounter a variety of common skin diseases. Explore the anatomy and physiology of skin, and the pathological features producing skin disease.

Note: This course is not intended to teach diagnosis of disease, nor should it be used as the definitive guide in clinical practice. The information, derived from various professional sources, is intended to provide a general overview of common skin diseases. When a client’s skin condition is questionable, seek permission from the client’s medical provider before initiating massage. Always follow state rules and federal guidelines regarding infectious skin conditions, hand hygiene and proper decontamination of textiles and clinic surfaces. Although it is outside the massage therapists’ scope of practice to diagnose skin problems, it is within the scope of practice to encourage clients to seek professional evaluation.

When you finish this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain the main functions of the dermis and subcutaneous layers.
  • Explain how bacteria, virus particles and fungi cause skin conditions.
  • Describe the clinical presentation of skin conditions.
  • List the precautions indicated for certain skin conditions.

  1. Layers of the Epidermis
  2. Cells of the Epidermis
  3. Deeper Skin Layers
  4. Steps for a Massage Therapist
  5. Common Bacterial Conditions—Folliculitis, Furuncles/Carbuncles, Impetigo
  6. Common Bacterial Conditions— Cellulitis, Erysipelas
  7. Common Bacterial Conditions—Acne
  8. Common Viral Conditions—Warts
  9. Other Common Viral Conditions
  10. Common Superficial Fungal Conditions—Tinea
  11. Common Superficial Fungal Conditions—Candidiasis

Annie Morien, PhD, PA-C, LMT, received her Master's degree in Exercise Physiology and her Doctorate in Physiology.  She teaches CE workshops to professional bodyworkers, and is the author of numerous scientific research publications, massage therapy articles, and on-line courses.  Dr. Morien maintains a massage therapy practice, teaches at the Florida School of Massage, and is actively involved with AMTA, FSMTA, AFMTE and the Massage Therapy Foundation.