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17829 Pierce plaza
Omaha, NE 68130
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  • Crystal Gries
  • Omaha, NE 68130
  • (402)506-6638
  • 712-309-8799 (business)


Licensed Massage Therapist - Crystal Body Revision
17829 Pierce plaza

Omaha NE 68130
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Crystal Body Revision is seeking to grow and add more stellar Licensed Massage Therapists. 

We are opening our SECOND LOCATION in October, 2021 at Spring Ridge shopping center at 180th and Pacific.


-CBR is a high end Alternative Health Care Spa that offers Massage and Ozone Steam Therapy.  We cater to athletes, those that have chronic pain issues, and those that just want to live life at a higher level.

-This is an Independent Contractor Position, but all facilities, equipment, and supplies are provided as well marketing and office administration. You can work when you want and make your own schedule.   We consider this a semi-entrepreneurial position.  However, we have more clients than we can serve.  We provide numerous paid opportunities to attract new clients (athletic events), and we pay bonuses when therapists bring in new clients by their own efforts.

-CBR has over 5000 existing clients and we commit a lot to advertising, events and provide most therapists with 80-90% of their clients.  However, it does require some effort and commitment and we consider our therapists our colleagues, not our employees.

-Most of our therapists average at least $50 an hour including tips.

Please check us out at: or call us at: 402-506-6638.

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