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Massage Therapist - TTC, Inc.

Nellis AFB NV 89115
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Job Title: Massage Therapist (MT)

Location: Nellis AFB, NV

Status: Full time

Start Date:  TBD


TTC is seeking massage therapists to join our team at Nellis AFB, NV. This is an exciting and unique opportunity to work alongside athletic trainers and other professionals providing assistance to the USAF fighter aircrew.  TTC offers a fun, mission-based environment, full-time work and above-average group benefits, (including health insurance, dental, PTO and 401k).  Full details are as follows:


MTs must possess and maintain an active, current, and unrestricted license or certification. 


MTs provide prehabilitation of musculoskeletal conditions in fighter aircrew. They evaluate and provide massage therapy to fighter aircrew personnel as part of a prehabilitation program.  Prehabilitation is intended to strengthen core musculoskeletal (MSK) system to enhance resistance to neck and back injury. 


Also, healthy lifestyle education is addressed as part of an overall health maintenance program to enhance injury resistance. Such massage therapy as part of an overall program, focusing on neck and back pain, will improve the overall quality of life for fighter aircrew.


Job Duties

·         Provide initial evaluation. Evaluate and provide prehabilitation for all assigned fighter aircrew. Follow-up appointments will be based on need, prehabilitative plans, and any potential coordination with members’ military and healthcare team at the request of the fighter aircrew member and unit commander.

·         Develop Individualized Program (IP) for each member served.  The MT, working with other team members will develop an IP for each assigned aircrew member requesting services of the MT.  The goals of this IP are to increase neck and back conditioning and overall health to minimize the risk of neck and back injury and to minimize the severity of any injury experienced by the member by addressing neck and back strain encountered by aircrew members.

·         Provide ongoing massage therapy. Every fighter crewmember will have varying degrees of need with regard to massage therapy.  The MT will optimize scheduling to maximize the benefit to the fighter aircrew involved.  The MT will determine the optimal time for each therapy visit and ensure as many of the fighter crew as practical receive therapy.  This will involve assessing the greatest needs and implementing a schedule strategy to best meet the needs for massage therapy focusing on neck and back pain.

·         Advise unit commanders on matters related to injury prevention. Identify opportunities for improvement.

·         Advise unit commanders of administrative matters, purchasing of supplies and equipment, and supplemental fiscal requests related to interventions and professional services provided.

·         Conduct equipment, product, and literature reviews to ensure that the OHWS program continues to improve as our understanding of injury prevention evolves.

·         Communicate with the servicing MTF when an aircrew member has a medical condition or injury requiring medical care.

·         Refer fighter aircrew personnel with a new duty-limiting condition to the Unit Commander who may also provide to the servicing MTF.

·         Ensure safe and effective operation of equipment and contribute to a safe working environment.

·         Attend annual required training IAW guiding instructions.

·         Assist in providing Human Performance and Prehabilitative trending metrics report to include: musculoskeletal pain, duration of pain, origin of pain, types of pain, and trends of musculoskeletal pain over periods of time. Metrics will also capture lost duty time due to aeromedical disposition of DNIF as well as personnel removed from the daily flying schedule but not requiring medical treatment, limitations of training status/duties (i.e. # days out of training), aircrew perceptions of neck and back pain, aircrew perceptions of overall effectiveness of the OHWS program, duty and deployment limiting profiles, flying waiver information related to neck and back pain, and Medical Evaluation Board (MEB) information related to neck and back pain. Human Performance metrics shall also be gathered to assess the OHWS program. Other metrics may be requested as the program matures and new information is available to guide new measures to improve aircrew performance and to improve the OHWS program.


Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

·         MT will have graduated from a MT certification program. The MT will maintain a license or certification from the state in which the service is to be provided.

·         The MT must have a minimum of two (2) years’ experience working with professional (i.e. Medical clinics, instructors) and/or collegiate athletes, or equivalent. In addition, the MT must have a minimum of a High School Diploma and eight (8) years’ of specialized experience OR an Associate’s Degree and four (4) years of specialized experience OR a Bachelor's Degree and two (2) years of specialized experience.

·         Possess oral and written communication skills in order to meaningfully interact with peers, outside agencies, vendors, providers, and Military Health System (MHS) stakeholders to exchange information, provide briefings and presentations, participate in research, and develop metrics to demonstrate or advance effective and efficient aircrew neck and back pain prevention.

·         Skill in effective team dynamics in order to facilitate the exchange of information/education, enhance goal achievement, and identify change in system or policy at any level.

·         Knowledge of local, state, and federal laws and regulations, professional code of ethics, AF guidance, DoD guidance, and practice standards in order to ensure adherence within legal and professional parameters.

·         Skill in use of research tools in order to critically evaluate existing practices, opportunities, and outcomes.

·         Knowledge of computers and software applications in order to conduct data collection, tracking, trending, and analysis.

·         Ability to design and present computer-generated outcome analysis information in order to provide timely and effective peer and higher level educational programs or project briefings.

·         Possess current certification in basic Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) to include Automated External Defibrillator (AED) training.


Attendance: Regular attendance in accordance with established work schedule. Ability to work outside normal schedule and adjust schedule to meet peak periods and surge requirements, when required.


Other Essential Functions: Must be able to work in a team atmosphere. Must put forward a behavior that enhances productivity and promotes teamwork and cooperation. Grooming and dress must be appropriate for the position and must not impose a safety risk/hazard to the employee or others. Must be able to travel when necessary to accommodate company customer and program requirements.


At TTC, Inc., we value diversity and have worked diligently to create a workforce that reflects this. As an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer, we are committed to providing an environment based on mutual respect which is free of discrimination and harassment.  TTC's employment opportunities are available to all teammates and applicants, without regard to race, color, religion, sex, pregnancy, national origin, age, physical or mental disability, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, genetic information, military and veteran status, and any status protected by federal, state, and local laws. Diversity, inclusion and genuine respect for each other are key contributors to our success as an employer.


[Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer – minorities/females/veterans/individuals with disabilities/sexual orientation/gender identity]


Should you require assistance or an accommodation to complete your application, please contact our Human Resources Department at or 1-571-319-7516.


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