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2345 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94612
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  • Joy Williams
  • Oakland, CA 94612-2434
  • (916)833-4592
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Lead Massage Therapist - Muv & Massage and Fitness Therapy LLC
2345 Broadway

Oakland CA 94612
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Lead Massage Therapist

Become a part of an up and coming massage studio that appreciates it's employees while supporting each CMT's personal growth.

At Mūv Massage LLC, we are building a space that is centured around a culture of therapist care and development. We provide all of the supplies you may need and we handle booking your appointments, taking payment, and doing all the marketing so you can provide a quality one-on-one experience.


  • $30 – $45/hour (including tips)
  • Flexible Work Schedule 
  • State of the art wellness facility
  • Room Rentals for your personal clients
  • Discounted massages
  • Free Massage Technique Training
  • Our top therapists earn an annual bonus!
Why Mūv Massage LLC

  • We help our Massage Therapist grow as professionals. 
  • Treatment facility includes showers, towels, toiletries, air purifiers, fitness equipment, and over 20 wellness and health practitioners on site.
  • We offer a variety of luxurious treatments for our clients including Hot Stone Therapy, Cupping Therapy, Body Scrubs, and our soothing Hot Towel Treatments.
  • Demand for Massage is increasing at a fast rate with the reoping of the world. We need help in meeting our increasing demand of clients.
We are looking for a professional, independent, reliable, and compassionate licensed Massage Therapist with the following qualities:

* Client oriented with a strong desire to be kind to others, actively listen to their needs, and offer suggestions on how to continue using massage therepeutically.

*Ability to quickly train and onboard newly hired CMT's.

*Ability to oversee and help manage massage schedule.

* Ethically above reproach and committed to raising the standards of our industry.

* Impeccable work ethic, customer service skills and positive team attitude.

* California License (CMT) and adherence to all local and state licensing laws and regulations

* Professional Liability insurance

* Flexible with the scheduling needs of a 4-day business

Pay: $30.00 - $45.00 per hour (including tips)

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