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14 Professional Court
Lafayette, IN 47905
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  • Kimberly Pucka
  • Lafayette, IN 47905-5152
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Massage Therapist - The Spine Worx
14 Professional Court

Lafayette IN 47905
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Job type

Full-Time, Part-Time

Experience level

None specified


Job Summary

A Massage Therapist at The Spine Worx is expected to perform therapeutic massage techniques on clients to improve soft-tissue compliance/ability, circulation, range of motion, promote relaxation, relieve stress and pain.  Massage Therapists are expected to collaborate with the professional team of The Spine Worx to assist with treatment plans.

Job Responsibilities

·        Massage soft body tissues to relieve discomfort and provide treatment for injuries, wellness maintenance, or medical conditions.

·        Apply pressure to specific parts of the body to release muscle tension and bring relief from related symptoms.

·        Discuss client concerns, medical histories and specific stresses or pains to develop the most effective approach to massage treatment.

·        Develop personalized treatment plans for individual clients that specify massage types, treatment areas and treatment frequency. Consult with chiropractors for help with treatment plan development.

·        Refer clients to other professionals and therapists when appropriate and necessary to treat additional symptoms.

·        Like all of The Spine Worx employees, you are expected to be on time, ready to work at the start of your shift. If you are tardy, appointments will be late and that impacts your clients.

·        Commit to your schedule, if you must make a change, it is your responsibility to coordinate that with your clients/coworkers.

·        Take pride in the appearance of your work area by cleaning up after yourself, assist with laundry, stocking supplies, etc.

Job Skills & Qualifications

·        Hold current Indiana massage therapy certification

·        Adhere to all current regulations and laws related to massage therapy

·        Ability to handle sensitive client information with confidentiality

·        Commitment to receiving continuing education as required

·        Customer service experience and commitment

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