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2717 State Hwy K
O Fallon, MO 63368
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  • O Fallon, MO 63368-7864
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Massage Therapist - Jennifer Brand Spa
2717 State Hwy K

O Fallon MO 63368
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Fall in love with life, explore your career and feel wonderful.  As a member of our team we will encourage you to live with love, reach for the stars, and achieve your dreams.  Working alongside the most passionate, driven and loving massage therapists you will discover how it feels to live your destiny.


Jennifer Brand is committed to providing the highest quality training to massage therapists seeking a career in the field of therapeutic massage.  It is our goal to transform the massage industry by improving public perception, facilitating lifelong careers and empowering therapists to pursue their dreams while achieving their goals. We cultivate professionalism, skill, and the success of every team member while encouraging personal advocacy, perseverance, and passion in a team-based, wellness focused environment.

A Massage Career That Meets Your Needs!

Your role at Jennifer Brand will be more than a  part-time job, more than a side gig, it is the doorway to your dreams.  A place where you can experience and explore the massage career you have always wanted.  Join us and see what it means to professionally practice massage.

Who is Jennifer Brand?  We are a team of passionate professionals who live with purpose and want to spread peace.  Our team is happiest when we are watching others achieve their dreams.  We shoot for the stars and aim to succeed, to live our life to its fullest and set others free.  Together we are more than a family, we are a business, a collection of dedicated wellness experts spreading hope, health and happiness.

We are the massage career you dreamed of when you were a student; what you wished to find when you first entered the work force; and what you want now.  Plant your professional roots and rise to your greatest potential, stand tall and tower triumphantly.

Use the tools you need to provide the best massage of your life every session.  Our therapists have access to hot/cold stones, ice massage, bongers, cupping tools, thumb savers, warming/cooling lotions, CBD, Delta 8, Mother Earth pillows, hydrocollator packs, omni cervical pillows, bolsters, trigger point tools, specialty prenatal tools and much more!

We book our clients with the therapist most capable of performing the best   massage experience.  Clients searching for light, medium and firm pressure will be booked with the therapists most capable of performing the service.   We also offer private yoga, meditation, and reiki.

You are an essential part of our team and we do everything we can to protect your career.  This is achieved by giving you 30-minutes between each service.

Why was Jennifer Brand Established?

Massage therapy attracts people who want to help others.  These wonderful individuals enter the industry hoping to find  purpose and enrich the lives of others.  Massage therapy is a calling, one that bestows great joy and peace to those who have the skills to practice it safely and effectively.  We exist to help these loving souls explore their career as a licensed massage therapist in a safe, clean, team focused environment.

Why is Jennifer Brand right for your clientele?

They will be the center of the universe as they feel the outside world float away in our gentle atmosphere.  They will experience true luxury as they feel the softness of the sheets, discover unbelievable comfort and supportiveness of the plush table and its magically delightful warmth.  For the first time they will know how it feels to be treated like royalty, to be served and placed at the center of someone’s undivided attention.  The sensational setting of our spectacular spa will take your massage to heights beyond your imagination and every service you provide will be better than five-stars.

Join our Team

See what it means to be surrounded by professionals who appreciate your specialties.  Delve into Jennifer Brand’s bold massage culture and cultivate your career.  Live the life you have always wanted, and make the most of all of your moments.  We have plenty of room for your career.  Our spa has 9 treatment rooms.  3-couples rooms, 1 prenatal room, a private yoga room, a breakroom and a supply hallway for all our spectacular backbar products and tools. 

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