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2311 E Burnside Street
Portland , OR 97214
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Massage Therapist - East Bridge Massage
2311 E Burnside Street

Portland OR 97214
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Hello to all that would like to evolve as a human being and as an LMT. We are here to mentor or support your evolution as a dynamic massage therapist and caring individual. The 8 massage therapists that practice massage here including myself are ready to bring in one more thoughtful person to support our center and it's goals.

Working in a new world:
We have been able to perform massage with a prescription but we chose to close in late March for many weeks to get our medical massage facility set up to be a very safe place to work. We are totally ready to care for our patients in the most thoughtful way. We follow the “personal care” guidelines from the CDC. Our medical massage facility is in high demand for this type of care and we have a solid and loyal base clientele. We have also added HEPA filters to our center. We also have a top of the line air conditioning and heating and ventilation system for safe and effective temperature control.

Looking for a perfect fit:
This is a rare employee position and we welcome all people. We are a small positive family of LMT's that are looking for someone who loves that community feel and is kind, thoughtful, easygoing, and loyal with a strong work ethic.

This is what I hear almost every week from one of the 8 LMT's that work at our center: "This is the best job I have ever had.", "I love my job and the people here.", "Getting a massage without having to trade is awesome", "Everyone that works here is so thoughtful."

I am an LMT that has been practicing therapeutic massage for over 24 years and am the founder of this massage oriented center in SE Portland. Almost 9 years ago, I opened this center in this amazing location in a totally remodeled/restored home. We work with a talented acupuncturist that I have worked within Portland for 15 years. It's been an honor to have a successful therapeutic massage practice for many years. I have been fortunate to work with some of the most skilled and caring healthcare providers and clients/patients imaginable. I did this with hard work and commitment to my clients/patients as well as being present with their care. I am passionate about massage and LOVE what I do. I continue to give massage alongside the other therapists. We are a close group of 8 LMT's that care a lot about each other and our client/patient relationships. I care about everyone that works within our group.

We are looking for someone with great human skills, a big heart, experience, and a person that can truly get along with others from all backgrounds. Our experienced LMT's work closely with respect for each other's different skills. Our therapists are in high demand and you will not have to worry about having enough clients/patients on your schedule. What we have created is a very different massage center where the main focus is therapeutic massage and being owned by a massage therapist makes ALL the difference.

• You must be a DEEP tissue/DEEP PRESSURE therapist by nature that can also adapt to people who cannot receive this kind of work.
• You would rather have someone else paying for all overhead costs, without all the stress of paying and doing taxes, bookkeeping, marketing/websites, supplies, being responsible for rent and building maintenance, new tables, doing laundry, and all that comes with owning your own business. Yet, be able to have your own freedom of style and expression as a therapist.
•Desire and ability to do transformative bodywork in a clinical setting. That means there is some paperwork and entering some client info for online booking and insurance communication.
• You are a communicator who collaborates well with others and cares about patient outcomes.
• Can handle the physical demands of deep tissue and deep pressure work.
• Can take some card payments and help with scheduling (organized and can plan ahead).
• Can do a FULL 60 min massage and take patient notes as needed.
• Comfortable in a group practice sharing clients/patients with other providers.
• Open to learning new techniques in bodywork and client care, even if you have practiced massage for many years.
• Can you check your ego at the door and be open to feedback from the clients and people in leadership roles?
• If you have your own massage space and you are ready to let go of the responsibility then I can help you with that transition. It would be an obvious conflict of interest for you to have your own massage space or practice.

Working both weekend days.
This position could be for part-time (minimum 10 hours) or full time: Full time is someone that will work 20 plus hours of hands-on massage a week and is well-paid based on your commitment to doing so. Bonus pay starts at an additional $5/hour for doing your standard 2 weekend days.

LOTS OF BENEFITS: For some benefits, you must be available for at least 20 hours or more of massage per/week. Other companies require 30+ hours for any type of benefit. Some benefits listed are also for part-time workers.
PAID VACATION: It's true! You get a week of paid vacation at your average commission pay after working here one year.
401K: 100% match at 4% of total pay, with the highest match rate possible.
PAID FOR MASSAGE: I pay for one massage a month after your first year is completed when you are full time. it's important to me that you take care of yourself and we all need to take care of each other and know each other's wonderful massage techniques.
CEU's: Free education in some of the most advanced massage techniques (taught by myself and others at the center).
NO SHOW PAY: Get paid a large portion of your pay if someone 'no-shows'.
ACUPUNCTURE: At reduced rates.
BONUSES PAID: For various things like covering for a sick LMT, as we give an extra $20 bonus plus another bonus for doing your agreed-upon 20 hours or more per week. Because of bonus pay, you could make up to $30 more on just one massage for helping out a sick LMT.
WHOLESALE SUPPLEMENTS: Also some wholesale food items, like many items at health food stores.
DISCOUNTS ON LOCAL BUSINESS: Like Harlow, Columbia employee store passes (wholesale Prana, Mountain Hardware, Sorrel), wholesale supplements.
FREE USE OF ROOMS: For trade to better your quality of life.
AMAZING SUPPORT STAFF: Our clinic manager has a master's degree in business and all the therapists LOVE her. Our amazing assistant manager is exceptional and they are critical to all of our success. Between our office staff and myself, we are massage insurance specialists. We are experts and understand how to work with LMT's and knowing how to work with insurance as people who care a lot about where massage is going in the future. We have more support than most centers and it's all massage focused. The front office staff are the people you work the most with so they are very important to your happiness.
NO UNIFORMS: You get to be who you are without wearing a Polo and khaki pants, ... EEEEK!
ALL SUPPLIES: We use the best oil w/no preservatives or pesticides. Many other supplies like new tables, free PPE, I simply cannot list them all.
LOTS OF LOVE AND RESPECT: Everyone that works at our center is kind and thoughtful.

Part-Time: Must include both Saturday and Sunday.
Full-Time Employee position: Other days available to work would be Friday, Thursday, and Monday. These are in order of our need for coverage. To be considered full-time you must be available to do at least 20 hours of total hands-on massage time per week with both weekend days. Bonuses are paid for doing this very obtainable amount.
Shifts will be on an on-call basis but almost all of the time you are booked solid so you will know your schedule clearly. If full time, we are looking for 4-5 full days or some other combination with some mornings or evenings.
Evenings can be with the last massage starting at 6 or 6:30 pm start time. You can work later as several of our therapists like to work late. One weekend shift a week is key.

If you want to do 25+ massages per week we will find the best schedule for you.
There really is more flexibility than I can convey regarding your schedule. The time between messages is typically 15-30 minutes, now with Covid-19, we need to do 30 min breaks. If you need more rest time, we want to accommodate. We are an innovative group and we're doing something different here in PDX. This is nothing like a spa or a typical Chiropractors/Dr's office setting. You get to be yourself while helping people with your own style and personal touch.

In the first year, you should average $45-$50/hour including tips. If you choose to do 25 hours of massage per week this would = $60,000-65,000 per year your first year. When you include big bonuses, such as sick coverage for an LMT, you get a $20 bonus on each massage your pay raises up to $60 - $$70 per 60-minute massage. When you add in all of our benefits, you are making even more per hour.

One of our LMT's started at this rate 3 years ago and now averages $50/hour x 25 hours a week with tips and bonuses. Now this LMT receives vacation pay and paid for massages with a 401k match etc. Making about $65,000/year with no overhead. This is more than she made when she worked for herself for fifteen years and is now she is booked every week. Being booked every shift is another key element to making more money. Her previous business was slower because she did not have time to handle the endless tasks of self-employment and higher taxes with no front desk support. It all depends on you, your skills, and your work ethic.

The bottom line, you can earn more working here than the typical LMT working for themselves in PDX with a lot more security. When you apply yourself, you can make more in the future. Without a doubt, your extra effort is always noticed and will be reflected in your future pay.

The other therapists have already become very successful and we are ready to bring in someone that wants to be with us long term. If you are the right person I can work out a schedule that fits both of our needs based on what is described in the "schedule section".

An established therapist at our center is always honored and paid well based on commitment and ability to work the shifts needed. As a massage therapist, I will treat you as I would want to be treated.

I BELIEVE IN: Laughter, relaxed professionalism, being who you are, loving your work environment, and job. Caring for your clients and co-workers, being dynamic and interesting, offering something different, working hard, and enjoying your time off thoroughly, being healthy physically and emotionally.

SO, PAUSE FOR A MOMENT before you apply and think about if this sounds like it's a fit for you at this key time in your career and life. We will be investing quality time and effort when you come into our practice. If it feels right, then I am so excited to meet the person I plan on spending many rewarding years with!

*Please send a resume. If you are resume phobic, please simply put together a work history with references. Let us know why you are "The One" for us!

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