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122 3rd St NE
Auburn, WA 98002
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  • Rick Wahlgren
  • Auburn, WA 98002
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Massage Therapist - Cascade Physical Therapy & Rehab
122 3rd St NE

Auburn WA 98002
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Job type

Full-Time, Part-Time

Experience level

None specified


Cascade Physical Therapy & Rehab has a rare opportunity for a massage therapist to join our team of medical professionals. We offer a stable work environment, excellent co-workers, fair pay, and benefits.

We are looking for a massage therapist who can collaborate with our physical therapists and physicians; a professional who can communicate well and cultivate long term trusting relationships with their coworkers. 

We allow and pay for 15 minutes of documentation time and set up time at the start and end of the day, as well as between each patient.   We will pay you for unfilled appointments, cancels, or no shows when they are between other patients on the schedule as well.

Work Environment

Your immediate healthcare team at Cascade would include the Therapy Department made up of 5 PT’s, a PTA, an OT hand therapist, and 2 exceptional patient service coordinators.  We have a treatment room dedicated to massage therapy.

Position Details

We are currently offering this as a part-time position (20-28 hours), with part-time benefits, however a motivated massage therapist that can build a loyal clientele will be able to extend this to a full time benefited position of 32+ hours which would then include full time benefits and individual health insurance/dental/vision. Pay will depend on the strength of the candidate at $30-35 per hour plus benefits.

Massage Therapist Part-time Benefits

(20-28 hours per week)

Pay: $30-35/hour (no tips)

PTO: accrued at 1/2 rate of full time employee

Holidays: Paid ½ rate for 8 major holidays (paid at 4 hours per day)

401k: may start participating immediately, eligible for 4% match after 1 year

Con Ed: up to $500 per year upon approval of course

Liability Insurance: no cost to you when working as Cascade employee

Full rate holidays, PTO, medical insurance, and dental/vision would apply if demand increased to warrant a 32+ hour per week schedule.


  • Massage Therapist Degree from and accredited school
  • Washington State Massage Therapist License
  • Professionalism in punctuality, dress, speech, and manor
  • Ability to connect with patients and foster relationships
  • Strong knowledge of anatomy
  • Ability to write strong SOAP notes and establish written functional goals
  • Willingness to learn, ask questions, and contribute as a member of a team
  • Compliance with all patient privacy and work safety standards
  • Ideal candidate will be credentialed with major insurers (not required)
  • We require compliance with applicable vaccine mandates

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