Research on and Treatment of Diabetes
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Research on and Treatment of Diabetes

Author(s): Nancy Porambo

2CE credits 8 Lessons Text

Review diabetes research that focuses on new approaches and the science behind them. Take a look at how kidney disease, stress and retinopathy affect and are affected by diabetes. Get tips on ways to connect and communicate with health care workers who have patients with diabetes.

When you finish this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain how diabetes research can impact your practice. 
  • Describe current treatments for, and complications of, diabetes.
  • Delineate the role of stress and glucose in diabetes.
  • Describe research findings on diabetes for T and beta cells, HIP and the “Ominous Octet.”

  1. Types of Diabetes
  2. Treatments for Diabetes
  3. Monitoring Kidney Damage in Patients with Diabetes
  4. Complications with Diabetes—Retinopathy
  5. Diabetes and Stress
  6. Research Theories for Diabetes—HIP
  7. Research Theories for Diabetes—the Ominous Octet
  8. Building your Practice—Working with Health Care Professionals

Nancy M. Porambo, MS, LMT, CNMT has worked in the field of chronic pain for the past 28 years. She is a Past President of AMTA and currently serves as National Advisor to the American Medical Association’s, CPT Council. She also served on the AMA’s CPT, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Workgroup as representative for the massage profession.