Massage Therapy for Clients with Diabetes
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Massage Therapy for Clients with Diabetes

Author(s): Nancy Porambo

4CE credits 17 Lessons Text

Review the types, risks, symptoms, treatment and complications of diabetes. Explore the effects of diabetes on pregnancies and the complementary adjunct therapies available. Learn methods to successfully expand your massage therapy practice to include clients with diabetes.

When you finish this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the role massage therapy can play for clients with diabetes.
  • Define the types of diabetes and the conditions that may arise for massage clients with diabetes.
  • Identify the risk factors for those with diabetes.
  • Discuss the effects of diabetes on pregnancies.

  1. Massage and Diabetes
  2. General Information about Diabetes
  3. Types of Diabetes—Type 1
  4. Types of Diabetes—Type 2
  5. Treating Type 1 Diabetes
  6. Treating Type 2 Diabetes
  7. Complications with Diabetes—Diabetic Heart Disease
  8. Complications with Diabetes—Kidney Disease
  9. Complications with Diabetes—Retinopathy
  10. Complications with Diabetes—Skin Issues
  11. Complications with Diabetes—Nerve Damage
  12. Women and Complications with Diabetes
  13. Diabetes and Stress
  14. Massage Therapy for Clients with Diabetes
  15. Other Complementary Therapies for Clients with Diabetes
  16. Building your Practice—Gaining Clients with Diabetes
  17. Expanding Acceptance of Massage Therapy

Nancy M. Porambo, MS, LMT, CNMT has worked in the field of chronic pain for the past 28 years. She is a Past President of AMTA and currently serves as National Advisor to the American Medical Association’s, CPT Council. She also served on the AMA’s CPT, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Workgroup as representative for the massage profession.