Sports Massage 5: Event Protocols
Sports Massage

Sports Massage 5: Event Protocols

Author(s): Steve Jurch and Steve Albertson

4CE credits 12 Lessons Text

Get detailed information on how sports massage is performed at sporting events and during the training cycle, including how the therapist should prepare and use good body mechanics in order to face long days with alternating bouts of activity and inactivity. In addition, guidelines are provided on conducting a clinical assessment with an athlete in order to develop and implement a massage therapy plan.

Complete this course on its own or as part of the AMTA/NCBTMB Sports Massage Specialty Certificate Program.

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When you complete this course, you will be able to:

  • Define the steps, goals, and applications for the three categories of event-focused sports massage therapy.
  • Describe the types of injuries athletes encounter and their causes.
  • Outline the information gathering and testing process with HOPRS.
  • Discuss contraindications for massage therapy with athletes.

  1. Sports Massage — Preparation
  2. Sports Massage for Events
  3. Maintenance Massage
  4. The Role of Clinical Reasoning in Assessments
  5. Recapping Injuries
  6. Assessment Protocol—Why You Need One
  7. Using the HOPRS Assessment Protocol
  8. Assessment Protocol—Observation
  9. Assessment Protocol—Palpation
  10. Assessment Protocol —Functional Testing
  11. Contraindications for Massage
  12. Resources

Steve Jurch, ATC, LMT has over 20 years’ experience as a massage therapist and athletic trainer. He serves as director of health and human services at Community College of Baltimore County, in Maryland. He has a master's degree in sports medicine and authored a clinical massage textbook.

Steve Albertson, LMT has worked as a therapist in various settings including medical offices, athletic training facilities, health and fitness facilities and a clinically based private practice. He has extensive experience working with professional, amateur and collegiate athletes. He founded the Center for Massage Therapy Professionals, LLC in Evanston, IL.