Sports Massage 3: The Science of Athletics
Sports Massage

Sports Massage 3: The Science of Athletics

Author(s): Steve Jurch and Marcella Durand

4CE credits 10 Lessons Text

Gain an understanding of  sports science and how it will help you serve athletes. Learn how to perform informative intake interviews, answer questions, refer the athlete as needed, and use guidelines in conversations with athletes.

Complete this course on its own or as part of the AMTA/NCBTMB Sports Massage Specialty Certificate Program.

This course is part of the Sports Massage CE Promotion until October 21, 2023. Click here for more information.

When you finish this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the sports medicine team and the role each individual plays. 
  • Discuss the five disciplines of sports science.
  • Explain the gait cycle and its importance. 
  • Outline nutrition guidelines for athletes.

  1. Background on Sports Medicine
  2. Sports Medicine—Labs
  3. Sports Medicine—Diagnostic Tests and Surgeries
  4. Sports Medicine—Non-operative Treatments
  5. Sports Medicine—Therapeutic Modalities
  6. Sports Biomechanics/Motor Learning
  7. Sports Psychology
  8. Sports Nutrition
  9. Sports Physiology
  10. Resources

Steve Jurch, ATC, LMT has over 20 years’ experience as a massage therapist and athletic trainer. He serves as director of health and human services at Community College of Baltimore County, in Maryland. He has a master's degree in sports medicine and authored a clinical massage textbook.

Marcella Durand, MFA is a currently a writer, editor and content developer where she develops and manages content on a variety of materials, including publications, articles, brochures, handbooks, white papers and online content.