Research and Massage Therapy

Research and Massage Therapy

Author(s): Annie Morien

3CE credits 14 Lessons Text

Learn how to evaluate and incorporate research results into your massage therapy practice.

By analyzing and participating in current research, you can broaden both your practice and acceptance for the profession of massage therapy.

When you finish this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain the value of evidence-based practice and describe the benefits of integrating scientific massage therapy research into your practice. 
  • Distinguish between applied and basic, qualitative and quantitative, field and laboratory, survey and correlation research. 
  • List the conditions required to establish causation in experiments.
  • Describe the principles guiding ethical research.
  • Give guidelines for evaluating scientific studies.

  1. The Importance of Research
  2. Evidence-based Practices
  3. Methods of Obtaining Knowledge
  4. Research Methods
  5. Descriptive Research Methods
  6. Experimental Research Methods
  7. Research Results
  8. Ethical Concerns
  9. How to Select a Research Topic
  10. Evaluating Scientific Papers
  11. Conducting a Study - Hypothetical Case Study
  12. Conducting a Study - Actual Case Study
  13. Getting Involved in Research
  14. Research Resources

Annie Morien, PhD, PA-C, LMT is a research scientist, dermatology physician assistant and licensed massage therapist. Her research interests include dermatological issues, with recent studies on scar tissue and hand dermatitis.