Sports Massage Therapy: An Insider’s View
Sports Massage

Sports Massage Therapy: An Insider’s View

Author(s): Steven Jurch

4CE credits 15 Lessons Text

Explore massage therapy in a sports setting, and how sports medicine differs from other specialties. Understand the skills needed to work with athletes and break into the sports medicine field. Learn massage therapy techniques and how to customize sessions for athletes. 

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This course is an introduction to massage therapy in the sports medicine setting. It details how to find a job, skills needed, what to expect in this setting and how to tailor your sessions to each athlete. When you finish this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the unique requirements of a specialty in sports medicine for massage therapists and how to address them.
  • Describe the team work, timing, skills needed and working conditions for a sports massage therapist.
  • Describe the benefits of massage therapy for both athletes and therapists.
  • List the challenges of working in a sports medicine setting and how to break into the field.
  • Describe the three phases of injuries and the process determining tailored treatment therapies for athletes.
  • List symptoms and ratings for five injuries common to sports medicine.
  • Describe information gathering with HOPS for athletes.
  • List massage therapy techniques adapted for use in sports medicine.

  1. What is Sports Massage Therapy?
  2. Defining Sports Massage Therapy
  3. Common Sports Massage Settings
  4. The Clinical Process
  5. Muscle Tissue and Injuries
  6. Injury Phases
  7. Assessment Protocol – Why you need one
  8. Assessment Protocol - History
  9. Assessment Protocol – Observation
  10. Assessment Protocol - Palpation
  11. Assessment Protocol – Functional Testing
  12. Practical Application
  13. Adapting Techniques
  14. Incorporating Movement
  15. Breaking into Sports Massage

Steve Jurch has worked in the clinical or sports environment for 20 years. Additionally, he has 17 years of teaching experience ranging from directing a massage therapy program to teaching continuing education both nationally and internationally. He has authored a clinical massage textbook and is under contract to develop a sports massage textbook. He has a Master of Arts in Health, Physcial Education and Recreation from Murray State University and a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Fitness from Florida State University. He received his license in massage therapy with a specialization in sports massage in 1993.