Integrating Assessments into Intake
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Integrating Assessments into Intake

Author(s): Julie Goodwin, B.A., LMT

3CE credits 14 Lessons Text

Improve your use of assessments in your intake interviews. Discover how assessments can help to improve your business as well as the general health and specific functional assessments to make. It also has ideas on how to use your assessment information.

Regulations vary from state-to-state regarding the description of what a massage therapist can provide a client/patient. In some states, massage therapists are not permitted to state that they treat a patient or that they provide a treatment plan. As these terms are used in this course description, they apply to treatment provided by licensed medical/health care providers.

See how assessments can improve client safety, service and retention. By observing with intention specific health conditions, combining the interview with functional assessments, and guiding the interview, you can obtain information in your intake interview that is vital to providing your clients with the care they need. When you finish this course you will be able to:

  • Understand how and why to incorporate assessments into your intake interview.
  • List the seven parts of a good assessment.
  • Describe health conditions to observe and functional assessments you should perform for client safety.
  • Define the value of palpation.
  • Describe how to use assessment information in formulating treatment plans and goals for your clients.

  1. The Value of Assessments
  2. Assessments and Intake Interviews
  3. Seven Steps to Successful, Efficient Assessments
  4. Assessing General Health
  5. Assessing Pain and Inflammation
  6. Medical Treatment and Medication Side Effects
  7. Assessing Medication and Medical Treatment Side Effects
  8. Functional Assessments
  9. Postural Assessments
  10. Gait Assessments
  11. Range of Motion Assessments
  12. Muscle Strength Testing
  13. The Importance of Palpation
  14. Using Assessment Results for Treatment Planning

Julie Goodwin, B.A., LMT, graduated from Kent State University and the Desert Institute of Healing Arts. Her career as a massage therapist and bodywork instructor spans more than 20 years. She’s been an instructor in academic and technique classes at Desert Institute of Healing Arts, Providence Institute, Cortiva Institute—Tucson and the Arizona School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.Julie is an instructor in the Massage Therapy Program at Pima Community College in Tucson, Arizona.