Helping Clients Manage Migraines
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Helping Clients Manage Migraines

Author(s): Helen Tosch

3CE credits 18 Lessons Text

Learn how massage therapy can help clients who suffer from migraine headaches and the special considerations to keep in mind. Get detailed information on migraine types, phases, triggers, symptoms and common approaches to best help your clients. Explore ways to market your massage services to this population.

NOTE: The information contained in this course is intended to provide a general overview of considerations for working with clients with migraines.

When you finish this course, you will be able to:

  • Market the benefits of your services to clients with migraines.
  • Describe the phases, types, triggers and symptoms of migraines.
  • Identify various methods for relieving migraine pain.
  • List pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic considerations for clients with migraines.

  1. Four Phases of Migraines
  2. Types of Migraines — Coexisting and Chronic Migraines
  3. Types of Migraines — Transformed Migraines
  4. Types of Migraines — Anatomy-centered Migraines
  5. Types of Migraines — Aura-related Migraines
  6. Types of Migraines — Migraines Tied to Natural Cycles
  7. Types of Migraines— Long-lasting Migraines
  8. Outdated Terms for Migraines
  9. Migraine Triggers and People at Risk for Migraines
  10. Therapies for Migraines
  11. Common Pain Relievers for Migraines
  12. Contraindications for Massage and Migraines
  13. Migraine Medication Side Effects and Massage
  14. Non-drug Related Considerations
  15. Benefits of Massage Therapy for Clients with Migraines
  16. How to Succeed with Clients with Migraines
  17. Getting Started with a Migraine Population
  18. Resources

Helen Tosch is an award-winning writer and editor of healthcare and wellness education and has written for various health care organizations, including major hospital systems and universities.