Meeting the Needs of Elder Clients
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Meeting the Needs of Elder Clients

Author(s): Julie Goodwin, BA, LMT

3.5CE credits 17 Lessons Text

As the population ages, massage therapists must learn to address the guidelines and health issues of this changing and growing demographic. Examine late-in-life transitions and how to manage elder clients’ massage therapy sessions as their needs shift.

NOTE: This course is intended to provide a general overview of considerations for working with elder massage therapy clients. More specific in-class time may be required to succeed with these clients.

Review the special requirements massage therapists need to successfully work with elders, a growing population of massage therapy clients. Get detailed massage therapy guidelines for working with elders, their common problems and the importance of flexible treatment plans. When you finish this course you will be able to:

  • Understand how providing flexible, appropriate care for elders is beneficial for massage therapists and their elder clients.
  • Describe physiological system changes common for elders.
  • Detail guidelines for monitoring treatment plans for elders.
  • Describe four sensory limitations in elders and how to adjust for them.
  • List bone, blood, neurological conditions and diseases common to elders
  • Describe three common life transitions for elders.

  1. The World of Elder Care
  2. Active and Frail Elders
  3. Physiological Changes of Aging
  4. Social Changes due to Aging
  5. Guidelines for Working with Elder Clients
  6. Treatment Planning for Elder Clients
  7. Communication Skills
  8. Intake Interview Techniques for Elder Clients
  9. Elder Treatment Space and Hygiene Requirements
  10. Making Adjustments for Specific Limitations
  11. Common Elder Conditions — Blood Conditions
  12. Common Elder Conditions — Bone and Joint Conditions
  13. Common Elder Conditions — Psychological and Neurological Problems
  14. Common Elder Conditions — Diseases
  15. Life Transitions for Elders
  16. Hospice Care for Elders
  17. Resources

Julie Goodwin, BA, LMT, graduated from Kent State University and the Desert Institute of Healing Arts. Her career as a massage therapist and bodywork instructor spans more than 30 years. She’s been an instructor in academic and technique classes at Desert Institute of Healing Arts, Providence Institute, Cortiva Institute—Tucson and the Arizona School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.