Introduction to Pediatric Oncology Massage
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Introduction to Pediatric Oncology Massage

Author(s): Tina Allen

3CE credits 14 Lessons Text

This is an introductory course on working with children with cancer. Explore the various types of pediatric cancer, and how massage can help. Learn the skills needed for pediatric oncology massage, along with the precautions and contraindications.

NOTE: The information contained in this course is intended to provide a general overview of considerations for working with children with cancer. More specific in-class time is required to succeed with these clients.

Learn the need for and value of extra training in order to serve pediatric clients with cancer. Get a general understanding of how pediatric cancer requires different skills than those used when treating adults and of the pediatric cancers and cancer treatment. When you finish this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the value of the additional study required to provide massage therapy for pediatric clients with cancer.
  • Understand the importance of communicating with the healthcare team for pediatric clients with cancer.
  • Describe two types of cancer that account for over 50% of childhood cancers.
  • Describe when and what kind of additional training is needed to treat pediatric clients with cancer.
  • List five systemic and five local conditions where massage therapy is contraindicated in pediatric clients with cancer.
  • List five precautions and special considerations that require research before treating a pediatric client with cancer.
  • Define the five “P’s” that are key to successful treatment of pediatric clients with cancer.

  1. Background on Pediatric Cancer
  2. Types of Pediatric Cancer
  3. Benefits of Massage for Children with Cancer
  4. Use of Complementary Therapies
  5. Appropriate Ways of Working with Children with Cancer
  6. Massage for Adults and Children vs. Massage for Pediatric Oncology Patients
  7. The Path to Additional Training
  8. Contraindications, Precautions and Special Considerations
  9. Childhood Cancer Treatment
  10. Training for Pediatric Massage
  11. Training for Pediatric Oncology Massage
  12. Communication with the Healthcare Team
  13. Expanding Massage Therapy through Studies and Research
  14. Resources

With over a decade of service to children and families, Tina Allen, founder of the children’s health and nurturing touch organization Liddle Kidz Foundation, has become a respected international lecturer and author on infant and pediatric massage.