Massage for Active Seniors
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Massage for Active Seniors

Author(s): Paula S. Stone, MA, NCTMB, MT, CR

2CE credits 6 Lessons Text

Today's active seniors can expect to live longer, healthier lives thanks to advances in medical science, nutrition and the desire to remain fit. This group ranges from those who want to become more active, to those who want to remain high performers.

Explore how to evaluate aging clients and address their health issues with massage therapy.  Learn how massage can help this population achieve their fitness goals.

Learn massage methods that will help ensure that older clients remain in good shape for years to come. Address concerns and needs of seniors with health issues, inactive seniors, active seniors and competitive seniors or seniors who are professional athletes. When you have completed this course you will be able to:

  • Relate the benefits of regular massage therapy to the four types of seniors described in this course.
  • Identify when athletes improve and adapt their fitness and physical abilities.
  • Explain how regular massage therapy addresses the effects of routine movements and scar tissue buildup on biomechanics, muscle range and flexibility.
  • List six benefits and four goals of regular massage therapy.
  • Describe the benefits or requirements of the massage therapy techniques (and one method—Myoflexxion) for active seniors as described in this course.

  1. Recovery and Massage
  2. Body Dynamics and Injuries
  3. Benefits of Frequent Massage
  4. Massage Therapy and Aging
  5. Massage Techniques
  6. Massage for Active Seniors- mtj article pdf

Paula S. Stone, MA, NCTMB, MT, CR, is the owner and director of Soft Touch Massage and Reflexology. Stone is a nationally licensed massage therapist and certified reflexologist at the International Institute of Reflexology. She practices therapeutic massage and reflexology, teaches and writes from the St. Louis area. She can be contacted at: