Attracting Business Clients: Part I- Start-up and Retention
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Attracting Business Clients: Part I- Start-up and Retention

Author(s): Jean Ives

2CE credits 3 Lessons Text

No business can survive without clients. Specific actions can help get massage therapy clients in the door and ensure they return. Learn unique ways to plan your marketing for a start-up clientele and for repeat business.

Learn to develop goals, strategies, objectives and tactics for attracting clients whether you are just starting up or are trying to retain clients. When you have completed this course you will be able to:

  • Describe the role of setting goals, strategies, objectives and tactics in attracting clients.
  • Explain the differences between features and benefits.
  • Assess the role of customer service in business.
  • Identify the differences between personal selling, advertising, sales promotions and public relations as marketing strategies.
  • Define cross promotion.
  • Discuss the difference in effective strategies for startup and budget conscious businesses.
  • List four strategies for startup or retaining clients and a tactic for each. 

  1. Clients and Your Business Stage
  2. Attracting Clients to a New Business
  3. Retaining Clients

Jean Ives has written extensively about business development within the massage therapy profession. Her career experience includes six years at Wm. C. Brown Company Publishers (now McGraw-Hill) and 20 years of marketing and public relations experience with AT&T. She has worked closely with the AMTA Council of Schools, is a contributing editor with Massage Therapy Journal, and was one of the principal developers of The Business of Massage textbook. As a grant writer, she was instrumental in assisting the Massage Therapy Foundation in securing its first grant from NCCAM in 2003. She also writes for business and education clients. She can be reached at