Upper Body: Addressing Shoulder and Neck Pain with Massage Therapy
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Upper Body: Addressing Shoulder and Neck Pain with Massage Therapy

Author(s): Steve Jurch and Jessica Crow

3CE credits 14 Lessons Text

Shoulder and neck pain can cause significant discomfort and impact a client’s quality of life; contributing factors include: use of technology, prolonged periods of sitting and DIY home improvement projects. This course will address common causes of shoulder and neck pain and provide practical techniques that can be used during the massage therapy session. 

When you finish this course, you will be able to:

  1. Identify and describe the function of shoulder and neck anatomy.
  2. Describe the common causes of shoulder and neck pain.
  3. Develop an assessment protocol for their clients with shoulder and neck pain.
  4. Identify appropriate techniques to be used during the massage therapy session.

  1. An Overview of Pain
  2. Structure of the Shoulder
  3. Assessment: The HOPS Method
  4. Assessment: Shoulder Specific Orthodpedic Tests
  5. Shoulder Injuries – Rotator Cuff
  6. Shoulder Injuries: Tendonopathy
  7. Shoulder Injuries: Frozen Shoulder
  8. Shoulder Injuries –Sprains and Inflammation
  9. Shoulder and Neck Pain
  10. Massage and Rotator Cuff Conditions
  11. Massage and Other Shoulder Conditions
  12. Contraindications to Treating the Shoulder
  13. Glossary
  14. References

Steve Jurch, ATC, LMT has over 20 years’ experience as a massage therapist and athletic trainer. He serves as director of health and human services at Community College of Baltimore County, in Maryland. He has a master's degree in sports medicine and authored a clinical massage textbook.

Jessica Crow is a licensed massage therapist and registered yoga and meditation instructor based in NYC. She teaches continuing education courses for massage therapists and other health care providers. Jessica is also a speaker for corporate events on the topics of mindfulness and meditation.