Scar Tissue and Massage
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Scar Tissue and Massage

Author(s): Pete Whitridge

3CE credits 11 Lessons Text

Managing scars from surgery or other events can be a quality of life issue for many clients. Massage can be an appropriate integrative therapy for clients with scar tissues. Explore the fundamentals of scarring, and the special considerations to keep in mind, when working with clients affected by scars.

When you finish this course, you will be able to:

  • Discuss the various types of scars and the stages of tissue repair.
  • Create a successful intake process for clients with scarring.
  • Describe the contraindications for this special client population.
  • Identify appropriate techniques to be used during the massage therapy session.

  1. Introduction to Scars
  2. Types of Tissues
  3. Wound Recovery
  4. Working with Clients
  5. The Benefits of Massage
  6. Before You Massage
  7. During the Session
  8. Addressing Scar Tissue
  9. Working with Other Scars
  10. FAQ for Working with Scars
  11. References and Resources

Pete Whitridge is a licensed massage therapist and a faculty member at several massage schools around the country. He teaches myofascial, ethics and business building workshops.