Massage Therapy for Depressed Clients
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Massage Therapy for Depressed Clients

Author(s): Pamela Fitch, BA, RMT

2CE credits 6 Lessons Text

People are often surprised when a health professional suggests that seemingly unrelated symptoms might be occurring as a result of depression. Find out how massage therapy can help manage the sometimes overwhelming symptoms of depression.

Note: Massage therapy is one option that may help the symptoms of depression. This course discriminates between what massage therapists may and may not be able to do for depressed clients. Those with depression or other health conditions should check with their doctor before beginning massage therapy.

When you finish this course, you will be able to:

  • List the symptoms that may represent a major depressive disorder.
  • Differentiate between grief and depression.
  • Identify who may be most likely to experience depression.
  • Describe types of massage therapy techniques that offer relief to clients with depression.
  • Discriminate between what massage therapists may and may not be able to do for depressed patients.

  1. Types of Depression
  2. Types of Depressed Patients
  3. Understanding Depression
  4. Massage Therapy and Depression
  5. Massage Therapy Outcomes
  6. Considerations, Cautions and Contraindications

Pamela Fitch, BA, RMT practices massage therapy while also working as a writer, mentor, consultant, peer supervisor and educator. Pam brings her commitment to client centered care into the classroom as a faculty member of the massage therapy program at Algonquin College. Her areas of interest include ethical challenges, the massage therapeutic relationship, and the impact of massage therapy on those who have experienced trauma and post-traumatic stress.