Career Path Quiz

Discover which massage setting is your best fit based on your interests, preferences and work style.

Find Out Which Massage Therapy Work Setting Fits You Best

Discover which massage therapy work environment may be the best fit based on your interests, preferences and work styles with the American Massage Therapy Association's Career Path Quiz. Your answers will guide you to work settings that likely suit you and, more importantly, make for a successful and enjoyable career in massage therapy.

  • Medical and Health Care
  • Spa/Salon
  • Sole Practitioner/Self-Employed
  • Sports/Fitness

Answer questions honestly and follow your first instincts when answering the questions—don't overanalyze!

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Please note that this quiz is not intended to provide a definitive answer regarding your career choice. The purpose of this quiz is for educational and informational purposes only. You should always perform further research and find additional resources before making a final decision.